20 August, 2014

Whiteboard vinyl film

This is from a posting I made to the Makehackvoid forums:
I thought I'd give an update to a topic I started on the mailing list last month: Whiteboard paint possibilities/alternatives


I bought a roll of 2000✕450mm whiteboard vinyl from eBay for $7.82 delivered:

16 August, 2014

Triple ginger cake

A friend had this cake at a restaurant recently. She liked it so much she begged the kitchen for the recipe (well... I don't know if she begged, but I would have). She made it for us and it really was that good, but it was a stupendous amount of very rich cake. Strangely there's only two forms of ginger, despite the name.

13 August, 2014

Simple Moroccan Chicken

This recipe originally came to me through ABC's Delicious magazine, June 2004. It's now available on the Taste website. I had blogged it before (Probably before Taste existed), but that seems to have been lost in the site moves of history (Yes, I've looked in the Wayback Machine).
Nevertheless, there's still a bunch of photos from my good friend Katie sitting on my Flickr site, so I thought I'd drag it all together again (As I'm making this again for my Dad this weekend).
It looks pretty unappetising, but trust me: It tastes delicious!