03 March, 2024

Basic Internet "No knead" baguette bread

Here's one I prepared earlier!

So, this is basically just a slightly tweaked rip-off of this "5 minute baguette" recipe video from Voila - Voila! on YouTube. I got sick of trying to hunt-down the video bookmark just to read the recipe quantities again, so I thought I'd write them up here for reference.

Spoiler alert: The "5 minute" title just refers to the actual working time. It still takes overnight to prove, which improves the flavour and texture of the bread immensely, and also helps to smooth over any rough parts of the prep or ingredient ratios. There's also tens of minutes to bake and rest before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

I'll start with the most basic and simple presentation of the recipe and then talk about the details and finally put in a couple of slightly more fiddly tweaks at the end.