06 July, 2015

The Bikes of China

My other bike's a Ferrari!

 So I just came back from a trip to the Hacker Camp Shenzhen inChina. One thing I noticed was the use of wildly diverse bikes of all kinds for personal transport. Here's some of the more interesting ones I saw.
Note that I did see many electric-assisted pushbikes and scooters, but there were no combustion-engine scooters anywhere, The excellent metro and merely perfunctory bus system were the main means of getting around (Judging by how full they were).

 The first thing I noticed about this bike is that it seats 4 people. But looking closer it's got other cool features like an electric motor, rear spoke guard and tasteful Apple logo.

 A soft-tail folding commuter?! (Probably spends none of its time folded)

 A nice new red version of the 1 + bench seated electric.

 This is actually in HongKong and probably a promotion for one of the bars/clubs/restaurants nearby.

 I don't know if I prefer the billion-spoked BMX or the kermit-green hipster bike. Both have a weird collection of straight cylindrical tubes. This is a stitched-composite image, for what it's worth.

 Another nice new green soft-tail folding commuter. Only the one seat this time, but more parcel space (With a stylish Playboy bunny pattern cut out).

 This ancient people-carrier may indeed have the original bubble-wrap protecting the badge on the head tube.
 This scooter-like pedelec would be a step-through if it weren't for the aftermaket front passenger seat + bag hooks.

 Many of these simple and practical "Scooter utes" about the place.

 An as-yet unmodified 1 + bench electric scooter.

 Old school hand cart.


This one looks like it's got a flip-up front passenger seat... Which sounds like a recipe for disaster.

 The greenest way to transport gas-cylinders about town.

 A nice new sky-blue fixie with axle-pegs (?!) and most of the bubble-wrap still in place (Shame about the mis-matched cable lock and peddles).

 Basket case.

 After the hand-cart, but before the "scooter ute".

 This former pedelec has an intriguing rear bench-seat mixed with flip-down lower parcel-shelves/foot-beds?

 Weird, two near-identical penicillium green framed fixies with deep rims. One has axle pegs, the other has no chain. Both have kick-stands

 Faded glory.

 More hipsterdom (No kickstand this time).

 Another folding soft-tail.

Probably the most "Normal" bike I saw there.

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