06 December, 2012

Bat-Slap Retro-vectored

I was always impressed with the dynamic impact of this popular panel from World's Finest Comics #153 (1965). It just irked me how bad all the scans of it are. It was crying out for an SVG do-over, so I've finally done that!

Here's the original Inkscape SVG (With no text). Here's a "Plain" SVG, which might be more compatible with other applications: Batslap-plain

I should add that this was done using the magnificent Inkscape tool and the sample PNG uses Neale Davidson's nice Comic Book font.


  1. Hi,

    I'm using Illustrator and, no matter what, your .svg won't open due to an unknown error ?!?
    It looks like have you already done a great work here. Would you have any idea why ?


    1. Hi Paul,
      That's odd - I've added a "plain" SVG to see if that works a bit better. Otherwise, I could try exporting to any of the other formats Inkscape supports.

  2. Funny vector. Thank you for sharing. There are interesting resources. I love even download vectors from here http://www.cannypic.com/, and then edit them. I like Batman comics :)

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